Physical Medicine of the Rockies offers advanced care in the area of Regenerative Medicine. Regenerative Medicine is also sometimes referred to as Stem Cell Therapy.

Benefits of Regenerative Medicine

Procedures in Regenerative Medicine can offer alternatives to surgery and provide less down time with your recovery. Our physicians will meet with you to determine whether you might be a good candidate for specific Regenerative Medicine procedures.

Regenerative Medicine Selection

Patient selection is of paramount importance in providing the right regenerative medicine procedure.  What sets PMR apart is that we make sure that you are actually a candidate for a specific orthobiologic intervention. 

There are multiple types of regenerative treatment options that are biorestorative.  You will receive a comprehensive evaluation including a review of your nutrition and a discussion about your recreational and/or athletic goals which will be used to customize your treatment plan.  Our providers are up-to-date on scientific literature and will assist you in the decision-making process.  Cutting-edge technology such ultrasound and fluoroscopic guidance is used to deliver the orthobiologic material with precision and accuracy.     

Our Process & Recovery

PMR differentiates ourselves because we recognize that recovery is a process.  Your regenerative medicine treatment does not stop at the injection.  The entire biorestorative process takes you from the cellular injection to the achievement of your recreational activity or sport.  The healing pathway is complex and the procedure is only the first step in the continuum of care to reach your goals.  Therefore, as part of your recovery expect to receive education about your individualized post-procedure rehabilitation protocol. 

In order to understand where you are at in your recovery, PMR tracks your progress and provides you with real-time feedback of your improvement in order to maintain or modify your expectations and goals.  Our approach facilitates a partnership between you and the provider that allows for meaningful decisions to be made in regards to setting or modifying appropriate expectations and goals.  

Types of Regenerative Treatments

Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP)

Platelet Rich Plasma involves the extraction of autologous (within your own body) tissue which is reapplied via ultrasound-guided application directly to the injury area. PRP can be an effective way to promote healing in common injuries such as muscle tears, tendon injuries not responding to normal resting, anti-inflammatories, and physical therapy.

Ultrasound Guidance in Diagnosis and Injection

Our providers specialize in the use of ultrasound techniques which allow them to more closely evaluate and treat injuries. Images produced through the use of diagnostic ultrasound can many times offer a look at muscle and tendon injuries that are not immediately obvious with MRI. Additionally, our providers specialize in ultrasound-guided injections which allows the stem cell tissue to be more directly applied to the area of injury.