Optimize Your Athletic Performance

Sports medicine focuses on helping people optimize their athletic performance, recover from injury and promotes injury prevention. It is a fast-growing healthcare field, because health workers who specialize in sports medicine help all kinds of people, not just athletes.  Our team understands that sports medicine can help all kinds of athletes including professional, amateur, weekend warriors and industrial athletes. 

Uniquely Trained to Help Athletes

Given our unique training in impairment and disability, we welcome the disabled population and those that require special needs for their athletic endeavors in our office. For example, we have experience treating patients with polytrauma, amputees, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, and other congenital and acquired disabilities.

Care for Industrial Athletes

The Industrial Athlete has similar needs to the injured competitor which is why we treat both populations with the same modern, evidence-based approach while recognizing that their goals are different.  We work with occupational medicine providers as well as other specialists to coordinate treatment and provide advanced medical services for rapid and safe return to work. 

We follow the Division of Labor’s Medical Treatment Guidelines as a blueprint for care of injured workers, and have a thorough understanding of the administrative, legal, and medical aspects of the workers compensation system. 

Whether you are injured on the slopes or at work, both populations are treated aggressively.  The goal being to get the athlete back to the playing field as safely and as soon as possible with the same being said for the industrial athlete.  The objective will be to return the patient back to the job as safe and as soon as possible.