Trauma Care Program for Work Related Polytrauma Injuries

Following a work-related traumatic event or a severe accident, the initial stage of one’s recovery occurs in the hospital and involves multidisciplinary interventions which may include surgery and intensive medical management.  At times there can be another transfer of care to a rehabilitation facility.  Upon transition back to your home environment, community integration can be challenging both physically and mentally.  Often times patients and their families are apprehensive about managing all the supportive services that are involved in post-acute hospitalization because there is a void of coordination of care.  PMR’s outpatient Trauma Care Program fosters an environment similar to the acute care setting in that all services are under one roof.    

Personal Attention & Individualized Treatment Plans

The treatment plan will be individualized based on your specific medical needs and personal goals in order to optimize your quality of life and return you to your highest level of vocational and leisure activities.  Coordination of care begins following your evaluation by a board-certified physiatrist.  Care will include medical management which may necessitate further diagnostic or therapeutic interventions.  Other services that our Trauma Care Program offers include PMR-PT, PMR-OT, durable medical equipment evaluations, manipulation, nutrition and integrative medicine.  We recognize that recovery is never a straight line, it comes with peaks and troughs.  In order to navigate the troughs of recovery, we offer psychological support services that will enhance your coping skills.  The difference you will experience in going through PMR’s outpatient Trauma Care Program is that shared decision making is utilized at every clinical service.  You will see your progress visualized using outcome analytics with our scoring system at visits with not only your physician but also with our allied healthcare providers.  This information creates a true partnership between you and your team that facilitates decisions about the next steps in your treatment and sets reasonable expectations about your recovery.  The nurturing environment created by our team members will motivate you to reach your highest potential.